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Special Educational Needs/Additional Needs

Supporting Children with Special educational Needs and/or Disabilities (SEND)

Miss Kitchener is the Federation's SENCO (Special Education Needs Coordinator). She will be a key contact for you and can be emailed at: or contacted by telephone via the school office: 01692 403013/405697.

To read what our schools offer, please click on the attached file below called SEND info report to govs 2017-18. This explains how we support children who have additional needs in our schools. We will provide every child who has additional needs, with a 'Learning Passport' which describes their individual needs and how we will support them in school to help them learn.   Norfolk Local Authority is also responsible for some legal aspects of SEND provision and this link takes you to their information page:

Please contact Miss Kitchener or the Headteacher, if you have any questions about the support on offer to your child.

If your child is worried after hearing about or witnessing a traumatic event, then this leaflet gives useful advice to parents.