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Important Science!

Year 4 have been investigating the devastating effects of deforestation. Our simple investigation showed clearly that, without trees to hold it in place, soil and all its nutrients will wash away leaving the land less able to support new growth.


The children of NWIS and NWJS have made their own artistic 'Remembrance Tribute' to mark 100 years since the end of The First World War. Thank you to Mrs Covell, Mrs East and Mr Gayfer for giving up their precious time at the weekend to install the poppies on the school grounds.

Year 6 holiday projects

What lovely half term holiday projects we've had in Year 6! Here are some of their royal creations they've been working on in half-term. This week we started off our new Riotous Royals topic with a focus on art: sketching self-portraits. Next week, we'll move onto sketching royal portraits. Well done Year 6 for a great start back to school!

Year 3s learn how to perform CPR and life saving techniques!

We were very proud of our class 3L! They have learnt how to rscue someone who is drowning and how to perform CPR to save their lives! In their swimming lessons they were very brave and enthusiastic to leran these important life skills. Thank you to the staff at the Victory Pool for helping the children to learn such vital first aid skills! Let's hope they'll never need to use them.

KS2 Ocean's Writing Competition

We are pleased to announce that the lucky winners will be given their special invitations to their winners' prize in assembly this afternoon. The winners will be taken on a day trip to Cromer! Their standard was incredibly high and the judges want to congratulate the winners: Chanelle, Klayton, Candy, Mia, Maisie, Pixie, Thomas, Kelsey, Ruby P, Riley B

Year 6 Cookie Project

The Year 6s have embarked upon their cookie project. They started by creating business plans and presenting them to invited guests- The Dragons!- who gave them feedback on their business proposals and helped the groups to refine their business plans. After surveys to find out which cookies the children and staff might like to buy, the groups will be calculating the proposed costs, buying the ingredients and then baking their products. The sales will finally reveal whose cookies were the tastiest and most tempting.

Year 4 at the Poppyline

The children's wonderful enthusiasm for our Railway topic was evident today, as the children took part in a variety of Victorian tasks. As you can see from the photographs, the children learned about making Victorian train tracks, they tried their hand at running a Victorian household, made fishing nets and took part in a strict Victorian lesson. To finish off, we had the pleasure of watching traditional Victorian entertainment with a Punch and Judy show! The children's behaviour and effort was a real credit to themselves and our school.

Year 5 Fiver Challenge

Year 5 ‘Fiver Challenge’ got off to a flying start with their first sale taking place after school today. Thank you to all the parents, grandparents and siblings who came along to support their excellent entrepreneurial skills. The next sale will be at North Walsham Market next Thursday 21st June and the same day again after school.

Year 1 Scientists!

Whjat a busy week of finding out! Our question of enquiry was: How do toys move? We explored lots of toys and then went on to find out about kinetic engery and made spinning tops.

We then went on to look at batteries and electricity and made basic circuits using a motor. See what your child enjoyed best by asking them about their learning this week. How much science do they now know?

Year 2 Science Week

Year 2 have been working scientifically. Today we created catapults from lolly sticks. We tested how to make the projectile travel farther. We also explored making the catapult arm longer. The children worked systematically and recorded their results in a table / grid.

Some children also explored firing a bottle rocket.

Science is awesome!

Eaton Vale Experiences- Year 4

Eaton Vale is a fabulous outdoor learning experience for the children in Year 4. Every year the feedback is 100% positive from all those that attend. The children have lots of challenges to face during their short residential break. We have seen some real bravery as they dealt their fears and it is lovely to see how proud they are after persevering with activities that some adults would struggle with. Activities have included

Year 3 writing stars!

Year 3 have been putting the finishing touches to their A-Z entries for animals and geography of Botswana. They have all checked for the features of non-fiction texts so they made sure to include them in their work. Here are some samples of that work. Well done Year 3!

The Big Sing Norfolk!

Junior Choir had an amazing time at the Big Sing today! More than 12,000 primary pupils from all over the county took part in this event which was designed to get Norfolk children together, to sing their hearts out. Special guest appearances by Alexandra Burke and Kirsten Joy - vocalist from Clean Bandit!

Year 5 at Whitwell Hall

The children have had an amazing time at Whitwell Hall this week. They have  lived life to the full and had plenty of new experiences! Activities for the children have included toasted marshmallows around the fire, building dens (and testing them for how waterproof they were!), learning to shoot arrows in archery lessons, climbing trees and jumping in the river. It has been such a brilliant experience for them all and we say a huge thank you also to the staff, who have made this possible by giving up their own time voluntarily to be with the children.

Year 6 'hands on' experience at the Time and Tide Museum

As part of their learning about the 2nd world war, Year 6 visited the Time and Tide Museum in Great Yarmouth. They had a fabulous experience, time travelling back to the war and experienced some of the hardships from that time. They were thoroughly well behaved and enjoyed the opportunities to deepen and extend their understanding through real life experiences. Thank you to everyone, who dressed up and made the learning even more memorable and exciting!

New Executive Headteacher announced!

I am writing to inform you that, after a robust selection and interview process, the local governing board are delighted to announce that they have appointed Mrs J. Read as the new executive headteacher of North Walsham Infant School and Nursery and North Walsham Junior School.Mrs. Read is currently working as headteacher at Worstead Primary School. We look forward to Mrs. Read commencing her employment on 1st September 2018.

Mr Paul East Chair of Governors



Paston College Watercolour images

Year 5 have visited North Walsham town as part of their curriculum work to learn about our local gepgrap[hical features and the history. Lord Nelson attended our local Paston College (when it was then a grammar school) and they have used their artistic talents to create these images from their visit. We think they display excellent skills of watercolour detail and  a fabulous use of the media.

Year 2 are brilliant chefs!

Dips & Dippers

Year 2 have been learning about how to keep our bodies healthy through the food we eat, the exercise we take, our good hygiene and through mental well being. This week we followed instructions in our D&T lesson to create some tasty dips and make the dippers to go with them. We learnt two safe knife holds, 'the bridge' and 'the claw'.


Year 3 Magnet Work

 In Year 3 we had to use our knowledge of magnets and their properties to create a game that uses magnets . We designed and constructed our games, tested them out on our partners, improved them and then shared them with the other classes. The children had great fun making their games and especially enjoyed playing the variety of different games created. 

Executive Headteacher Recruitment begins

Our fabulous schools are now seeking applications from experienced, exceptional candidates for the post of Executive Headteacher.

Following Mrs Fletcher's promotion to Director of Schools for The Yare Education Trust, The Governors are looking to appoint the next inspiring leader for the schools from September 2018.

The application process is now live and interested professionals can find out more from the Job Vacancies page here 

Scientists explore!

Year 5 started their new topic ‘Properties of Materials’. Their first challenge was to find the best thermal insulator for a new lunchbox. They experimented with different materials to keep their water as cold as possible and stop the ice from melting. Ask them to explain their investigation to you. 

Sutton Hoo and Anglo Saxons in Year 4

Year 4 have launched their Anglo-Saxons and Scots topic in a very creative way. We have made masks based on the famous discovery of a burial mask at Sutton Hoo, practised our cutting and sticking skills making a model round house and designed and made an brooch using clay. The children all worked very hard and showed lots of enthusiasm. A great start to 2018!

Merry Christmas!

The lucky infant and Nursery children had a lovely surprise today during their Christmas parties, when Santa dropped in to deliver a present for each of them. They were so happy and remembered their manners nd politely said “ Thank you.”

Christmas lunch!

We all had a fabulous Christmas lunch. Everyone had such fun! Governors and staff served the children. Thank you to all the kitchen staff who have worked tirelessly all week to prepare the delicious food.




Odd Socks Friday!

Anti-Bullying Week update: To celebrate all of our wonderful differences, we are going to end the week with an Odd Socks Day on Friday across the schools. This isn't a fundraiser, nor a mufti day but a chance for children to reflect on their week of learning about respect and tolerance by wearing odd socks to school. 
So, don't forget your (odd) socks on Friday!

Writing Chinese characters

Year 2 have been learning about life in China, comparing a town in China to the one where we live. We have learnt about the school day in a Chinese school, looked at farming, how rice is grown and looked at detailed maps of the area. Today in Year 2 we learnt to write using Chinese characters. Did you know that there is no alphabet in Chinese, just 5000 symbols to learn instead! Wow!

Poppies for Sale in school

We are selling poppies in aid of the Royal British Legion.

We will hold a one minute silence on 11th November too.

Year 6 Gold Badges are raring to go! Wednesday morning (1st Nov) will start with traditional poppies on sale; at the end of the day we will have other items available.

Minimum donations are: 
£1 - slap bands or friendship bracelets
50p - reflective poppy tags or wristbands
20p - standard poppy

Rangoli Art in Year 3

Bright colours, swirls and beautiful patterns filled Year 3 as we made Rangoli patterns as part of our work on Hinduism. Coloured salt or sand were used on a black background to great effect. As these patterns are temporary, some children had a go at copying their designs using pastels on paper. The technique of controlled pouring of this fine powder was tricky but by watching the example video carefully and copying the technique, they were able to create some some fabulous designs with their partner. 

Governor Vacancies

We are recruiting! We need a couple of new Governors to join our fabulous team of volunteers. Please enquire at the school office, if you would like to find out how to apply.

This information below might help you answer a few questions you have:

What does a school governor do?
The role of a school governor is to contribute to the work of the governing body in ensuring high standards of achievement for all children and young people in the school by:

Junior Cross Country Team Stars!

Our fabulous runners went to Gresham School today! They were brilliant. Well done to them all for their determination and effort on a rainy day! Our highest place was 15th out of several hundred children there! Every one of our runners finished in the first 100 or very close to it and did brilliantly. They all represented their school impeccably and made us very proud.

Fossil Hunters in Year 3!

Each of the Year 3  classes visited Cromer by train. The children scoured the beach to find fossils and learnt about the history of fossil-hunting in the region from the Cromer museum curators.  

The children have been learning about Mary Anning and fossils, in their lessons at school so this field trip was a brilliant way of applying their learning in practice.

Year 2s' farmer visitors

What an exciting afternoon for the Year 2 classes!

They were visited by Ivor Tractor, Farmer Herbert and Farmer Giles, who each spoke about what farming was like 200 years ago, 100 years ago and in the present day.

The children asked lots of questions and now understand better how we grow crops and raise cattle nowadays, compared to in the past.

Thank you to our visiting farmers!

Reading with Hamish

Hamish the Read2Dog came into school today to work with Y3 and Y4 children. Hamish loves to be read to, whether it be stories, poems, jokes or information texts! The children really enjoyed having Hamish in school and look forward to welcoming him back next week.

Year 2 Artists!

Year 2 has begun their ‘The Things People Do ’ topic, looking at farming and getting ready for the Harvest Assembly. Today we painted a field after harvest. Look at their amazing perspective! Super job Year 2!

Back to School!

The children start back to school on Wednesday 6th September 2017.

All year groups should arrive at school for the start of the school day- Juniors start at 8.35am and Infants at 8.45am- and the bell will ring to let you know school is beginning.

Children should then line up with their classes and the teachers will lead them into their classrooms. There is more detail on this below:

On the first day back at school (6th September) the children in Years 3-6 should go on to the Junior Playground and

Governors' End of Term message

Governors' end of term message:
As we come to the end of the school year, on behalf of the governors, I would like to thank everyone involved with the school – the leadership team, teachers, teaching assistants, support staff, office staff and everyone in between for your hard work, endless enthusiasm, and dedication over this past year. 

Best ever SATs results for Year 6!

Huge congratulations to our pupils in Year 6! Staff are delighted to now have the results of the SATs, taken by the Year 6s in May. The headlines are that the school's results have increased substantially overall so that this year there has been a 30% rise in the combined scores (reading , writing and maths) for pupils. This means three quarters of our pupils scored well in all areas- this figure is 15% above the scores achieved nationally!

WEll done everyone involved- especially pupils but also the staff and parents. Dream, believe, learn, achieve!

Outdoor Play and Learning Week

The children in school had such fun! We worked with Nige and Em from Goldcrest learning and they helped the children to explore nature and build fires; learn the skills of archery and orienteering; practised the art of camouflage and stalking and much more! Each day the tecahers planned activities to allow the  children to use the outdoors as a classroom- and of course, our lucky children had plenty of time to play outdoors too!

Year 5 Fiver Challenge Entrepreneurs

Our business-minded Year 5s have been brilliant entrepreneurs for the Fiver Challenge. They had to create a business and make a business plan. They got some funds towards their projects- a fiver- and then had to plan how and when they would be selling all their products- they could choose to make, bake or create!

They sold after school, during the local market and at other times too.

Who will make the most profit?

We went to London!

A group of lucky Years 5&6 visited London and had a wonderful time!

In partnership with Worstead Primary School, our children visited the sights of London- went on a boat cruise on the Thames; visited the Science and Natural History Museums plus the museum of London. The picnicked in Hyde Park and saw 'The Lion King' musical.

Memories are made for life! 

Science Week is Fabulous Fun!

During Science Week the children have been lucky enough to participate in a huge number of activities to learn about the wonders of our world and how science helps us to understand it.

Ask your child what they have been doing and be amazed at the scientific knowledge they share!

This document outlines the science curriculum in our schools and what the expectations are for the children to learn in every year group. Click here


Year 4s at Eaton Vale!

Our intrepid Year 4 pupils enjoyed an overnight stay at Eaton Vale in Norwich.

They learnt to paddle canoes, abseil, stack and climb a tower of crates, shoot arrows and get along as a team and solve problems!

What a brilliant adventure! They have made memories to last forever.

Attendance totals for April

Attendance totals for April are in:

Gold to the amazing 4MC with 99.78%! Silver is awarded to 4MO with an impressive 98.97% and Bronze goes to Elephant class with a fabulous 98.67%.

Congratulations to everyone who helped their class get above 96%- Foxes, Hedgehogs, Squirrels, Lions, Pandas, 3J, 3P,4G, 5LB, 5MC, 6D 6H and 6J.

Whitwell Hall -Year 5 Adventurers!

The Year 5 children have had a brilliant experience at Whitwell Hall this week. They have built shelters- and tested them out  to see if they're waterproof properly! The sleet and hail has helped with that aspect for sure. They have caught crustaceans in the rivers- river dipping is a very wet activity, they've discovered! They have gathered around a huge bonfire to toast marshamllows and sing. They have hunted bats in the depths of the night. They've learnt how to map read and using orienteering and geocaches.

Year 1 Toy Museums

Year 1 classes have been learning about toys in the past and making comparisons with what they play with nowadays.

They found lots of differences between the styles of toys, the materials they are made from and how they are powered.

Thank you to all the parents and grandparents, who sent in some toys for the children to look at, explore and ask questions about.

Year 5 are learning about China

We kicked off our week in Y5 learning all about China and the Ancient Shang Dynasty. In literacy we read our new text, Dragon Slayer, and a range of other Chinese tales. We've enjoyed learning about Chinese cultures and traditions, exploring how these are used in Chinese literature. Why not check out some of these Chinese stories to read together at home...

Scientists in Year 2!

Fantastic Forces:

Over the last two weeks Year Two have been carrying out Science experiments on the theme of Forces. Today we learnt about Sir Isaac Newton's Third Law: 

 "Every action has an equal and opposite reaction." 

We recreated an experiment by Hero of Alexandria called 'Hero's Engine'. We used cups and straws to create his device. 

We also carried out an experiment where a balloon is attached to a straw, which is threaded on a length of string.

We laughed and learnt lots!

Nursery Artists

Our Nursery children created their very own art exhibition in the Hall- parents and family were amazed at how brilliant their work was and enjoyed sharing the refreshments too (specially decorated biscuits and cakes). The children hav been learning about patterns and had created some amazing masterpieces! Well done!

Red Nose Day!

The children had fun spending the day in school in their 'mad hair' to raise funds for BBC Red Nose Day. The children brought in a donation of £1 and wowed each other and the staff with the imaginative and wonderful creations they had concocted! Well done everyone- a great effort!

Upsetting news stories and top tips to help children who may be scared

Upsetting events often make the news because they don't happen very often.

This section gives you some tips about what to do if you are feeling sad about what you've seen, heard or read.

Tips if you're worried

You might watch or listen to the news- but some things you hear might be a bit scary or make you feel worried.

Remember that worrying stories are often in the news because they are rare - they don't happen very often.

It is incredibly unlikely that what you're reading about or watching might happen near you.

Funding cuts in schools- time for action!

We have today sent a letter to Norman Lamb MP to ask him to endorse some simple requests in parliament to encourage the Government to ensure there is sufficient funding for all schools.

This is a letter template you might like to use, should you also wish to let him know the strength of your feelings on this matter.

Dear Mr Lamb

 In spite of the increasingly damaging financial situation facing our schools, no adequate response has been provided in terms of these concerns about current and future spending proposals made by the Department for Education.

Authors in Yr5!

This week in Year 5 we finished off our stories written in the style of the fantastic author, Jeremy Strong. We have loved injecting lots of humour into our fairy tales with a twist! Here we are proudly sharing our work with our classmates.

Singing Stars in KS1!

Our fabulous KS1 Choir performed beautifully at the Norfiolk Music Festival. They bravely took to the stage in St Andrew's Hall and showd no nerves as they sang their hearts out to the audience.

What an amazing experience for them- and their delighted parents and teachers were proud to be there with them to share in their starring role!

Vikings and Saxons

INVASION! Vikings and Anglo-Saxons have invaded our school! A hoard of helmeted, robed, fur and tunic clad invaders have taken over Year 3 today! Children and staff have put in a great effort to make our Viking and Anglo-Saxon Day a success with marvelous costumes of the period. Many thanks for help at home with their costumes and impressive weaponry! 

Begin with a Book!

We've had great fun starting the day- parents and children together- in the school Halls to 'begin with a book.'

There have been stories galore to share and read- what a fabulous way to celebrate books, stories and the importance of snuggling up and being transported to another world...let's give our children the reading bug!

Get Norfolk Reading!

10 pupils attended the VIP launch for the new campaign: Get Norfolk Reading! They were very well-behaved and were interviewed by the author Alexander Gordon Smith about books and favourite stories and authors. They each got a goodie bag too!

Road Safety Lessons in Year 1

It was a bit wet  and very cold but it hasn't stopped Year 1 children from learning important safety tips about crossing the road. We were pleased to work with Kay our road safety officer and some willing helpers (thank-you!). Please ask your children to share what they have learnt the next time they cross the road with you.


Well done to everyone who entered our skateboarding reward competition by doing the ten-page challenge. Keep it up...there are more special events planned throughout the year for children who try their best!

Watercolours in Year 5

This week we've been learning about painting with watercolours in Year 5. First we practised making a wash in our sketch books and then we painted either Paston College or St. Nicholas Church. Here's a few examples of what these budding artists have been up to...

It's Maths Festival Week!

During this week of maths-focused activty the children will be learning to use and apply their maths skills and knowledge- numbers, problem-solving, geometry, arithmetic, measures and more!

There are lots of extra activities planned in every year group over the week, so that children are enthused and inspired by maths and numbers.

Parnts will have the opportunity to visit open classes- Maths Cafes- to see what work their child is doing and how their maths knowledge is developing.

Air Ambulance on site-thank you for your patience this morning

Due to a neighbourhood emergency the Air Ambulance had to land on the school playground this morning. We understand the worry it has generated and wanted to reassure parents and children that the emergency was not for a pupil of the school.

Due to their nature, such emergency callouts are concerning and our school community sends its thoughts to the families affected.

Sainsbury's Active Kids vouchers campaign launched!

Thanks to you, last year Sainsbury's donated a massive £11 million worth of equipment and experiences to UK schools and kids’ clubs, which adds up to an amazing grand total of over £170 million since Active Kids began in 2005. 

We'd just like to thank you again for your fantastic commitment to this worthwhile cause. We benefitted from the addition of lots of outdoor games and activities to our schools.  

Year 5 Coders!

Over the past term, the Year 5s have been enjoying building their computer coding skills using the software Scratch. Today in 5MC we finished building our Maze games and played each other's games! Although we have the software in school, there's an online version which can be accessed for free at home. Why not encourage your child to practise coding at home?

Here's some information for parents and access to the site:

500 words Challenge launched

We have some great writers here! Who will enter the competition?

Seven years ago, Chris Evans had a dream: to get children excited about reading and writing. All children, no matter what their ability. 500 Words is now one of the most successful story-writing competitions for kids in the world. Nearly half a million pupils have written a story for us; that’s over 277 MILLION words!

Year 2 New Year Resolutions

PSHE: Year 2 we have been thinking about making a fresh start and letting go of grudges.

In each class we blew up our balloons, puffing our grudges into them, the little things that other people do that bother us. Then we let them go, releasing us from our grudges and making our hearts lighter, making us feel better.

After that we thought about things that we could do to lift us up. Things that we could do in school to raise our skills, make us better at what we do. We wrote our school resolutions onto our balloons.

Juniors' 10 page Reading Challenge

Following the success of this project that we ran last year, we are very pleased to announce that all pupils of North Walsham Junior School will be taking part in a new reading competition the ‘Ten Page Challenge’.

Every child has been challenged to read at least 10 pages every day until February 3rd (this can include during registration times in school every day). Please make sure a star in your child’s Pupil Planner is signed by an adult to show they’ve completed the challenge, when they read at home.

Governor Blog for Autumn Term 2016

Another term is drawing to a close and wow what a packed one it has been!  The governors have met on several occasions, in committee meetings and our full governing body meeting to discuss the progress of the school targets set by the School Improvement Plan.

We have conducted many monitoring visits this term to see policies, procedures and improvements in practice.  We do this in a number of ways by meeting with staff, attending workshops, visiting classes and talking with parents.  

Year 4 Bakers

Year 4 children are in the process of designing a Christmas bread. This week we learnt all about market research techniques when we tasted four different breads and commented on their texture, taste, appearance and smell. We also investigated different taste combinations for our product, based on tradtional Christmas flavours such as cinnamon and candied fruit. We now have our final design and will be making this on Monday. Children are reminded to bring in an apron if they have one and any other ingredients they would like to add.

Maths Cluster Kids!

Another great afternoon for our More Able Year 6s to visit the High School and join friends from other cluster schools. The afternoon of maths activities had them hooked! More sessions are planned after Christmas!

Author visit to the Junior school

Jack Trelawney visited the Junior School to lead an Assembly about being an author and writing books- and the children had a chance to buy a book and have it signed!

There was a great deal of excitement from the children- and Jack even signed our library wall!

The children are looking forward to reading the books they heard about and we have bought a whole set for them to borrow from our school library.

Keep reading everyone!

Bedtime with a Book Event!

We are delighted that so many of you were able to come to Bedtime With a Book on Wednesday. We know it was a bit squashed ... you had to wait a while for hot chocolate ... we didn't have enough mats for all etc. but the feedback from children was that they loved it. We had about 150 more people than expected so it was an amazing turn out. 
Next time we will be ready for you all.

Sparkle Project Year 3

This week, some very lucky NWJS children have been visiting the Sparkle Project in West Runton, funded by Children in Need, where they've been dressing up and playing with puppets. This helps them to enter a pretend world and bring life to stories. The other aim is to encourage play that doesn't involve screen-time. Among many delightful play comments, we overheard, 'You be the knight and come and rescue me!' or 'Let's play goodies and baddies!' Today we even had someone from the BBC arrive at the puppet theatre to film them. More updates soon!

Outdoor Play and Learning

Each week (weather permitting) we go outside to learn in our outdoor environment: this is called O.P.A.L. (Outdoor Play and Learning). This not only makes learning fun but allows us to make links between children's learning in the classroom and real-life contexts!

In Year 5, we went outside to find 3D shapes this week. Here we are learning that lots of our play equipment is a 3D shape!

Encourage your child to have more practise of naming and describing 3D shapes by logging onto Mathletics and choosing a 'Properties of Shape' Activity.

We remember the fallen on Armistice Day

Today - at 11:00 am on Armistice Day - our School Councillors and Gold Badges from both the Infants and Juniors visited the North Walsham War Memorial to pay their respects to those who gave their lives in times of war. Children at school also observed a minute's silence in their classrooms or on the playground. Make sure your children get the chance to watch the Queen on Remembrance Sunday if you can.

Limiting screen time for your child

It's hard to set limits for technology time daily. Technology gives parents time to do things that they need to. Keeping technology time to a minimum (no more than 2 hours per day) takes hard work and can lead to bad tempers! However...there's so much more to do with your child. Parents need to establish limits and make sure their child does not go online excessively. Adults need to have the last word- children will always push the boundaries that are set for them.

Learning to understand what they are reading...

Children need to be able to understand what they read.It's a vital part of learning to read and enjoying reading!

We teach them how to 'decode' or read the words.

We also teach them how to comprehend their reading.

We teach them to INFER and DEDUCE from the text.

We do this by asking questions and talking about the story or text. This builds children's skills and helps them to be effective and efficient readers and learners.

You can help your child too. Watch this slideshow.


Kangaroos pulled all of the pegs out of the crocodile this week. They pull a peg each time somebody does something to help the class as a whole. So we held a vote and decided to go to the firepit

We made bread using maths cups to mix 3/4 cup of self-raising flour with 1/4 cup of water and then mixed it in our bread makers (zip bags). Then we baked it over the fire and dipped it in jam.

Then we toasted marshmallows and made popcorn, (Mr Barrett burnt it!).

Online Safety Years 5&6

Years 5&6 classes went to the High School today for an important lesson.

The latest advice from the Home Office is that children as young as seven need to be made aware of how to stay safe in the online world.

So Y5 and Y6 children have today been learning about online safety with NWHS computer expert Gary O'Connor. It was astonishing how many of our pupils regularly use apps that are capable of easy photo sharing. What were the lessons?

Year 2 learn Chinese!

This week Year 2 have been comparing life in a Chinese school to life in our school. Today all of Year 2 explored writing numbers 1 - 12 in Kanji and then other nouns like 'tree', 'car' and 'rain'.

We used this website to search for each word, hear it spoken and then learn how to write it in kanji:


We found out that there are no phonemes in Chinese writing, only several thousand characters to learn by sight. You can't Fred a Kanji!  Imagine having several thousand Red Words to learn!


Year 5 writing successes

In Year 5 our science topic is Earth and Space. This week we watched the time lapse below to help us understand how the Earth rotates and then wrote our own explanations of how day and night occur. See the image of a WAGOLL! (What A Good One Looks Like). Ask your child about their work in class and see how impressive their knowledge is!

Open Morning for Reception Sept 2017

Prospective new parents of children wishing to enrol at our Infant School in Sept 2017, are warmly invited to a special Open Morning on Thursday 13th October. The session starts at 9.30am and closes at 11am.

Come for about 30-40 mins. You will be able to see the classes in action and talk to staff and Governors.

Ring the school office to book your place- 01692 403013- or email:

Tractor visit to Year 2!

Terry from LF Papworth Ltd came to teach the Year 2 children about modern farming as part of their creative learning enquiry about 'Farming through the ages'. The children asked so many interesting questions and will be looking forward to writing about their experience. Thanks Terry!

Year 5 Outdoor Maths!

In Year 5 we've been enjoying playing lots of maths games in our Outdoor Play and Learning (OPAL). Yesterday children were practising their times tables by throwing and catching the ball. We've also been busy measuring the perimeter of our playing field and plotting a mile-long route.

Farmers in Year 2!

A busy afternoon in Year 2! We had 3 "farmers" come to visit and talk to us about their lives and their farms. One lives in 2016, one was from the 1940s and one was from Victorian times. Ask your Year 2 child if they can tell you about some of the differences in farming from these 3 time periods. 

Mathletics- Years 2 to 6- is your child going for gold?

The schools pay the licences to allow pupils in Years 2 to 6 access the nationally popular Mathletics website.

Every child is given a unique log in and password. They are all encouraged to go on the site at least weekly and earn points for completing quizzes and challenges.

Certificates are awarded weekly for  point totals - bronze, silver and gold.

Ask the teacher if your child needs access and has lost their log in.

It's Beat the Clock Challenge Week!

 When children arrive at school on time this week they will get a special stamp on their collector card in class. 5 stamps means they'll be entered into a prize draw on Friday! Reminder: Junior school starts at 8.35am and Infant school starts at 8.45am. Please make sure your child is in time for lessons.  Good habits for punctuality begin early- and then your child will feel ready for school, be able to meet and chat to their friends first and not feel rushed. Lessons start early on and you don't want your child to miss out on vital learning opportunities.




It's Beat the Clock Challenge Week!

 When children arrive at school on time this week they will get a special stamp on their collector card in class. 5 stamps means they'll be entered into a prize draw on Friday! Reminder: Junior school starts at 8.35am and Infant school starts at 8.45am. Please make sure your child is in time for lessons.  Good habits for punctuality begin early- and then your child will feel ready for school, be able to meet and chat to their friends first and not feel rushed. Lessons start early on and you don't want your child to miss out on vital learning opportunities.




The first weeks of school...

A huge thank you to all the children, who have settled brilliantly and started working so hard already! The new Reception children have enjoyed discovering their rooms and the toys and games within. They are making new friends and even the parents are getting to know one another! Debbie our Family Link Worker has her first informal drop-in session on Wednesday in The Hub- come and see her around 9am on 21st Sept. She'll have free drinks and snacks for you! Don't worry- she won't sign you up for anything!

Uniform Supply Problems....

We are aware that some parents may have had issues receiving items ordered over the summer holidays from the Schoolwear Centre. We have therefore asked them to prioritise our pupils' uniform needs for September. The good news is the wait is mainly on PE T-shirts and book bags, rather than everyday clothing.

Below is a message for customers from Schoolwear Centre. Please communicate directly with them if you require further information:

Back to school!

School starts on September 5th for all Years 1-6. Reception and Nursery have a special induction programme of dates. Please enquire at the office if you have mislaid your child's personalised timetable.

First day back: The school bell will ring at 8.35am for Juniors and 8.45am for Infants. Children should line up in their class lines and their teacher will lead them in to the school. We've missed them all and look forward to seeing them again! They should each remember the name of their new teacher and class, but staff will be on hand to help out too. Please be on time!


Junior Shining Stars Awards Evening

What a fabulous event on Friday!

We had a packed Hall of nearly 300 guests.

96 pupils were nominated for awards- ranging from Friendliness to Diligence to Overall Achievement.

We welcomed Mr Powell (the new Headteacher from NWJS) to our school and he gave out the certifcates.

The overall winners in each category also received a £5 book voucher and special balloon!

Juniors: Bright n Early Club

This is a free club for Years 3-6 only. Children will be offered a free breakfast of cereal and a drink.

- The side green playground gate is opened from 8:00 am until 8:10 am. The staff member responsible radios their counterpart in the hall when children have been received at the gate so that they are expected at the hall and registered as arrived. 

- At 8:10 (or just after, if a child is seen arriving in the car park), the gate is locked and this is announced over the radio so that all staff including senior leaders, are aware. 

Year 5 Virgin Money Fiver Challenge (Enterprise Project)

Year 5 Fiver Challenge children should be proud of what they have achieved. Our visit to the market was not only a business success but the children behaved with professionalism and fantastic manners when dealing with their customers. They have shown themselves to be enthusiastic and hard working entrepreneurs. We would like to thank all the parents who have supported them at home and the many friends and family who visited the stall and dug deep in their pockets. Thanks also goes to all the parents and children who supported us at the after school sale.

Need Full Day Nursery Provision?

Need full day nursery provision?

 We are keen to respond to many recent enquiries we have had from Parents who would like to send their child to our school Nursery but require full day Nursery provision.

Our free morning Nursery sessions run from 08.40am – 11.40am.

As of September 2016 we can offer an extended morning Nursery place to your child from 08.40am - 12.00pm, if you have also been given an afternoon session with the alternative onsite Nursery Setting ‘Town Tots’.

Governor Blog May 2016

Hello everyone, here is a quick update on what the governors have been doing this half term.
Our Pupils and Learning committee met in April, to discuss the latest achievement data and whether there are interventions put into place for the children who need some more support with their learning.  We came away from the meeting confident that all pupils’ progress is being closely tracked and enough support is being provided where it is needed.  

Reception places for Sept 2016

You will have heard from County Hall Admissions to confirm your child's place with us here.

Please conact them directly if you have a change of plan, as we have a waiting list for places.

Letter will be sent home w.b 23rd May with all the details you need to make sure your child's start to school is smooth and stress-free!

We have a Parent Info Meeting on June 21st at 6.30pm  Please come along so you don't miss out on anything important!

Year 4 Snack Cafe

Our Year 4 children have been learning about healthy snacks that are easily made. After lots of experimentation and tasting (!) they set up their very own cafe for parents to visit. They made the snacks themselvesand sold them at stalls- some of them were quite nervous to be in role as waiters and waitresses! They dealt really confidently with the money side of things too! Budding entrepreneurs- each of them!

New Reception and Year 3 places for Sept 2016

National offer day is 18th April. You will get an email in the afternoon or a letter sent to you by 1st class post.

County Hall Admissions make the offers of school places to parents, not the school directly. Schools have place limits- infant classes should have no more than 30 pupils.

Once you get your offer letter, this will be followed up in a few weeks by a letter sent directly from the schools too. This will give you further information about the induction process and important dates such as visits to the schools and information meetings.

New front entrance for the schools!

Our new build work is complete. And it was finished on time!

We now have a proper front entrance and link corridor to join both schools together.

All visitors can now simply come to the one new Reception Office to sign in.

The existing green pedestrian side gate will still be open at the start and end of the school day. This access remains convenient for some families coming up Manor Rd to school and if children have scooters or bikes- please use this way onto the site, as a preference.

Children's University

This Summer we will have over 60 children graduating from the CU. Mrs Finch has spoken to the organisers today who have said that we are the largest group from any school in Norfolk. As well as the 60 graduates, we have another 24 pupils who are rapidly gaining hours and who will soon be receiving awards. Well done everyone!

Book Week activities

On Monday (Infants) and Tuesday (Juniors) straight after school, we have open classroom sessions for parents and children to listen to the teachers reading aloud stories. Younger siblings and mixed age children are welcome to attend any session.


All the children in Reception have enjoyed having their special visitors , Miss Clayton's chickens in school today. The children have been learning all about the life cycle of a chicken and have made some super observational drawings.


This is a fabulous new, online resource for Year 2 to 6.

Parent info is available here

Usage this week is absolutely fantastic! Students have already spent a combined total of 223 hours online; 50 students have achieved bronze certificates and 202 activities have been mastered. Long may it continue!


Summer Fayre Stall holder applications

'A message from the Friends, We are pleased to announce that we are starting to plan this year's Summer Fayre which will take place on Saturday 9 July 2016 from 10.30am to 2.30pm.  We would love to hear from any businesses / groups or individuals who would like to have a stand at the Fayre.  If you would like to book a stand, please complete and return the application form found o the PTA page.  Or perhaps you would like to donate a prize to our tombola? Please get in touch if you can help in any way!

Mrs Fletcher and Mrs Finch- school improvement visit to Wolverhampton

Mrs Fletcher and Mrs Finch spent a couple of days in Wolverhampton, visiting St Martin's Primary in Bilston, where they toured lessons and observed teaching and also attended a maths conference. St Martin's Year 6 school performance data is amazing, with lots of high achievers. They use the same maths learning system that we do at our schools (Maths Makes Sense). Mrs Finch wanted to find out the secrets to their phenomenal success!

10-page challenge: Years 5&6

Years 5&6 10-page reading challenge- well done on the amazing efforts by the majority of children- we have a cracker of a prize for the lucky group, whose names get pulled from the raffle ticket box at half term! The more raffle tickets you collect- the more chance of winning you have. Get reading!

Prize Draw - Every Week!!

Starts Monday 11th January.

Infant School parents: Starting next week, every time your child reads at home they will have their name entered into the reading prize draw for a chance to win a lovely book. The draw will take place in Celebration Assembly on Friday - prizes for Reception, Year 1 and Year 2.

The more times they read at home the more chances they have to win.

We all know how important reading is and we need all children to be reading at home so that they can practise what they are learning at school.

Year 5 are brilliant learners

Year 5 have had a very creative week. We designed our own super heroes/villains, taking inspiration from the myths and legends we have been learning about in IPC.

Also we completed our Roman inspired clay plate project, painting on the final design representing a scene from a myth. I think you will agree the finished plates are very impressive.


Well! No ordinary day at school today for the Reception children. They were amazed to find an alien craft had crash landed into the sand pit leaving plumes of smoke and a devastating scene. Trails of sparkly footprints were found leading under the mobile. Nobody was sure what to think at first but everyone agreed it must be aliens. How relieved we were to receive a voice message later explaining how friendly they were- in fact it was the aliens who were the most scared. This is what the message said, ” We saw you near our spaceship. We know you found our footprints.