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Radio 2 500-word challenge in Year 2

We have been delighted with the quality of the children's story-writing and have submitted 3 (hopefully) winning entries!

The children have worked so hard on their entries- they have given up lunchtimes and worked on their stories at home too.

Here are our 3 super stories:

Mr Melch's Keys by Connor Beauchamp

Jack stood there trembling as Mr Melch walked furiously towards the long line of scared and skinny orphanage boys. Then he bellowed, "Find my keys!" showering them all with foul smelling spit. They all stood still for a second and then ran off in different directions, like marbles scattering across a floor. If they didn't find these keys by sundown, then they all knew that they would be in big trouble tonight.

Jack found himself running down the old dirt track towards town. His legs were starting to feel heavy now. "I've got to keep going and find those keys," he thought. "OUCH!" cried Jack, as his foot got caught on a tree root. He skidded across the dirty ground and crashed through the prickly hedge... Suddenly everything went black!

Slowly Jack opened his eyes. "Where am I?" he wondered. Everywhere was dark and gloomy except for a tiny spot of light above him. He had fallen down a hole!

"Who are you?" and, "What are you doing here?" said a gruff voice from somewhere in the darkness. Jack sat up and anxiously peered around him. He could not believe his eyes. Stood in front of him were five short and tubby men with long white beards! Jack was feeling confused. "My name is Jack and I was looking for Mr Melch's keys when I fell...and the next thing I know, I'm down here!" he explained.

After hearing about the nasty Mr Melch, the dwarves agreed to help Jack to find the keys and get back to the surface. In return, he had to help them put the monster they'd captured into its portal. The portal to Monster Land.

Crouching down, Jack cautiously followed the tiny men through a maze of tunnels. Finally, they came to a huge metal cage and in it was the ugliest thing that he'd ever seen! It was blue and slimy with green lumps bulging all over it. It smelt bad too, just like Melch's breath. Yuck!

Once Jack knew what he had to do, he stood back and let the dwarves begin their magic. They stood in a circle, holding hands and chanting mesmerising words in a secret language. A swirling blue whirlpool appeared next to the cage. Now it was Jack's turn. With teeth clenched, he turned the key in the lock and the heavy door swung open. Quickly, Jack picked up two huge pieces of meat and thrust them into the portal. The hungry monster leapt after them and the portal vanished!

Jack had kept his side of the bargain and now it was the dwarves' turn. They gave him a floating potion to drink and a bottle of antidote to swallow, when he got back to the surface.  Floating was fun, but he was still glad when he'd landed safely on the old dirt track.

 Jack turned and started to run back to the orphanage. Something in the grass was glinting in the afternoon sun... It was old Mr Melch's keys!

A Dangerous Ship by Isla Lowther

It was the first time that James and his twin sister Mary had been left at home while their mother went for a haircut. They lived in an old farmhouse overlooking the sea. In the garden there was a seesaw which the twins loved to play on and peer out to sea. On this warm Spring day, James thought he spotted a ship just as the seesaw tipped him down again. As he rose up with a jolt, there it was and it was no ordinary ship! "Mary, I've seen a pirate ship in the bay!"

Mary gasped in surprise. "It's docked right outside our house," James continued. They both skipped off to investigate. They saw a man beckoning them onto the ship so they scrambled on. The old man was very friendly and showed them around, including his crocodiles that he keeps at the bottom of the ship. James asked, "Why do you keep crocodiles?" The old man replied that they brought good luck. "Every crocodowndilly is good luck!" he chuckled. Mary asked what his name was and he replied that he was Jimmy. "I know who both of you are. You're Mary." Then he looked at James, "And you are James." The twins looked at each other with shock. "How did you know that?" they said together. "Because I'm your uncle. "Right, it's time for an adventure, are you ready?" The twins said, "Yes," together.

The ship moved fast and soon you could see the farmhouse as a spot in the distance. Meanwhile the crocodiles had began to chomp at their cage. One of them had got free and was biting a hole in the ship! The ship began to sink quickly. Up on the deck, the twins were panicking. Luckily Jim spotted an island and steered the heavy boat towards it. There was a big crash as it hit against the sharp island rocks. "Well, those crocodowndillies weren't much luck," sighed their uncle. "Shall we explore this island?"

Mary was wandering round a palm tree when she bumped into a huge stone. She rolled it out of the way carefully because it was very heavy. She gasped in surprise! "James. Jim. Come over here. I've found a cave and I can see something shining right over there!" Quickly they came over to investigate the cave. James spotted something shining and peeped behind a big rock. He shouted, " Mary. Jim. I've found lots of gold!"

At home, mother was worried sick! She phoned the police who found tracks to the sea. They sent a boat on a search for the children. Finally in a cave on an abandoned island they discovered them. The children, Uncle Jim and the gold were loaded onto a boat and returned safely to the farmhouse. Mum fainted in shock as they showed her the gold and she realised they never needed to worry about money ever again! "Well," Jim said, "crocodowndillies are good luck after all!"

The Great Adventure by Pixie Fagan-Leeves

Long, long ago Dr. Alice Arbuthnot-Smyth’s great grandfather went on many adventures in the African jungle. He wanted to take a photo of the one and only King Louis, the king of the jungle and animals!  Unfortunately he never managed to do this because King Louis was too clever for him!  Fifty years later Alice was born and worked in exactly the same museum as her great grandfather. One day she was wandering around the museum when she heard something... it was only her manager and work friends. Can you guess what they were talking about?  They were talking about the king of the jungle! Alice heard all this and got very excited so she ran to the photo gallery, expecting to find King Louis' photo. Instead, she found an empty space. Anxiously, she ran to her manager and begged him to tell her where it was. He told her that there was no photo because the king of the jungle was too clever for even her famous great grandfather.  He told her that she was the only one left to do the job now!  "I don't know if I can do it?" confessed Alice. Then after a long silence," But I will try".

So a week later Alice found herself getting on a plane to Africa with butterflies in her stomach.  She started to think about her adventure and wondered what it would be like.  She suddenly doubted whether she'd be able to get the photo of the famous lion, the one her great grandfather never managed to take.  As the plane flew low over the brightly coloured jungle, Alice saw a quick flash of what she thought was a lion's tail. "Did you see that?" she shouted.  Everybody on the plane stared at her so she decided to just keep quiet.

When the plane landed safely Alice's adventure really began. She caught a dusty bus to the jungle and began her quest. After only an hour, she was feeling peckish so she delved into her rucksack and found a piece of squashed banana bread. "Yum, yum..." she began, when there was a ‘swoosh’ and a swarm of ferocious-looking bees took the delicious banana bread before she could swipe it back. Luckily she had a battered peach in her rucksack. Wearily leaning against a trunk she spotted a trail of footprints and realised that they were lion footprints. Could they belong to King Louis?  She started to follow them but stopped. There he was in front of her, bossing all of his subjects around! SNAP! The photo was taken! Just like that!

An hour later she was back on a plane home, then zooming to the museum. She ran to her manager, waving her arms and screaming, "Look! I've got it! Hooray!"  And that was how Alice saw the king of the jungle and finally got a photo for the museum. Was it King Louis? That's what it says on the label in the glass cabinet.