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Parent Satisfaction Questionnaires

Here are the latest astounding results from our parents. The best set of positive statements ever! We are very proud to have achieved such a wonderful endorsement of our work here! Thank you. 

  Agree Agree
My child is happy at school 99% 97%
My child feels safe at school 100% 99%
My child makes good progress 97% 100%
My child is well looked after in school 100% 100%
My child is well taught 97% 99%
Homework is about right 95% 91%
The school encourages good behaviour 99% 99%
The school deals with bullying effectively 98% 95%
The school is well led and managed 99% 100%
The school has responded well to my concerns 97% 96%
I get useful information about my child’s progress 99% 99%
Would you recommend the school to others? 100% 100%