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Online Safety Years 5&6

Years 5&6 classes went to the High School today for an important lesson.

The latest advice from the Home Office is that children as young as seven need to be made aware of how to stay safe in the online world.

So Y5 and Y6 children have today been learning about online safety with NWHS computer expert Gary O'Connor. It was astonishing how many of our pupils regularly use apps that are capable of easy photo sharing. What were the lessons?

1. Be careful about sending photos to others - they contain all kinds of information nowadays including the exact spot that they were taken...even with no mobile signal and no wi-fi.
2. Once photos or videos are shared online, they CANNOT be taken back - but they CAN always be found. 
3. Lock down your own Facebook page using the recommended settings here…/Internet-Safety-Gu…(pages entitled 'Suggested Facebook Privacy Settings' - document is intended for parents, not children; contains other information for high school age parents)
4. Use secure passwords - nothing from the dictionary; use at least one capital, a number and if possible a special character like a ! or ?