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Need Full Day Nursery Provision?

Need full day nursery provision?

 We are keen to respond to many recent enquiries we have had from Parents who would like to send their child to our school Nursery but require full day Nursery provision.

Our free morning Nursery sessions run from 08.40am – 11.40am.

As of September 2016 we can offer an extended morning Nursery place to your child from 08.40am - 12.00pm, if you have also been given an afternoon session with the alternative onsite Nursery Setting ‘Town Tots’.

 By offering additional supervision from the end of our morning session at 11.40am - 12.00pm we will be able to escort your child to their afternoon Nursery setting for you. This will allow parents to access our qualified teacher-taught nursery, make links with the school they intend to apply for a place within and support our parents to access the full day provision they are telling us they require. These extended sessions will still be covered by the 15-hour funding.

 If you have any further questions, please call into our Nursery to discuss this further with Mrs Seymour or to request a place for your child at our school nursery please speak to a member of our School Office Team. Nursery places are limited and are offered on a first come, first served basis.

(Usual morning Nursery sessions will continue to run from 08.40am – 11.40am. Additional supervision until 12.00pm is only offered to children who need to be escorted to an afternoon nursery session onsite (Town Tots).

These arrangements will need to be discussed and agreed with Mrs Seymour on a termly basis.)