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Juniors: Bright n Early Club

This is a free club for Years 3-6 only. Children will be offered a free breakfast of cereal and a drink.

- The side green playground gate is opened from 8:00 am until 8:10 am. The staff member responsible radios their counterpart in the hall when children have been received at the gate so that they are expected at the hall and registered as arrived. 

- At 8:10 (or just after, if a child is seen arriving in the car park), the gate is locked and this is announced over the radio so that all staff including senior leaders, are aware. 

- Those children who are in the hall remain there to eat breakfast, chat to their friends, or play organised games, supervised by an adult in a calm and controlled environment. 

- Any children who arrive later than 8:00-8:10 at the playground gate should go round to the front of the school, following the path.  At the front of the school there is access through to the school office. Latecomers then need to wait until school opens at 8.30am as BnE Club members must arrive before 8.10am so they can be registered.

At 8.30am BnE Club members then go out to the playground and enter the school through the back door with everyone else.