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It's Maths Festival Week!

During this week of maths-focused activty the children will be learning to use and apply their maths skills and knowledge- numbers, problem-solving, geometry, arithmetic, measures and more!

There are lots of extra activities planned in every year group over the week, so that children are enthused and inspired by maths and numbers.

Parnts will have the opportunity to visit open classes- Maths Cafes- to see what work their child is doing and how their maths knowledge is developing.

The school website has a useful booklet for parents, all about the expectations in maths for each National Curriculum year group (Years 1-6).

This is available by clicking the link above.

Get your child involved in Mathletics- Year 2 onwards! Every child has a log-in, bought by the school for home access.

We have maths orienterring trails and outdoor maths; parachute maths and puzzles a-plenty to challenge and excite them!