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Governors' End of Term message

Governors' end of term message:
As we come to the end of the school year, on behalf of the governors, I would like to thank everyone involved with the school – the leadership team, teachers, teaching assistants, support staff, office staff and everyone in between for your hard work, endless enthusiasm, and dedication over this past year. 
This positive energy has been evident in every visit we have made to classes, and all areas of the school, through the attitudes to learning shown by all pupils and the progress made across the board. We don’t just look at results from tests and teacher judgements, but this year has ended with phenomenal SATs and Phonics results thanks to the efforts made by all pupils and, of course, their families supporting them by continuing their learning at home. 
We would like to wish a fond farewell to our year 6 pupils as they move on to their new schools, and wish them every success in the future. It seems like time has gone by in such a flash and all too fast, but we know that all the pupils are ready for every challenge that comes their way!
We hope you all enjoy a brilliant summer and we look forward to seeing you all again in September!
Kind regards 
Caroline Bell
Vice Chair of Governors