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Governor Blog May 2016

Hello everyone, here is a quick update on what the governors have been doing this half term.
Our Pupils and Learning committee met in April, to discuss the latest achievement data and whether there are interventions put into place for the children who need some more support with their learning.  We came away from the meeting confident that all pupils’ progress is being closely tracked and enough support is being provided where it is needed.  
The SATs have been a key focus of the last half term, for both years 2 and 6, and with this in mind, we conducted a monitoring visit to year 6, to see how the pupils were feeling in the lead up to the exams.  It was very clear that the teaching staff had worked tirelessly to prepare the pupils whilst maintaining a calm environment.  Every class was full of happy, engaged children and no matter what the results are, we know that everyone did their very best. 
We also spent some time visiting the nursery, and received some lovely positive feedback from the parents and grandparents we spoke with, it was a wonderful visit!
As always, if you spot one of us around and would like a chat, please do stop us or leave a message at the school office.
We hope you have a wonderful break, enjoy whatever you have planned and we will see you soon!  
With kind regards
Caroline Bell        Vice chair of Governors