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Funding cuts in schools- time for action!

We have today sent a letter to Norman Lamb MP to ask him to endorse some simple requests in parliament to encourage the Government to ensure there is sufficient funding for all schools.

This is a letter template you might like to use, should you also wish to let him know the strength of your feelings on this matter.

Dear Mr Lamb

 In spite of the increasingly damaging financial situation facing our schools, no adequate response has been provided in terms of these concerns about current and future spending proposals made by the Department for Education.

 School leaders simply want a reasonable settlement that sees every child in every school adequately funded.

 We need our local political representatives to stand up for every school in their constituency and make clear that considerable changes to funding arrangements/proposals must be put in place.

 Any permanent new funding formula for schools will require parliamentary approval and this makes your role even more crucial.

 The Department for Education has had two years (and huge resources) to produce a sustainable new formula – now is the time for implementing a formula that improves schools budgets for the vast majority rather than the few.

 We would be grateful therefore, for you to ensure that the children in our schools receive the educational opportunities that they deserve by endorsing the following commitments:

  • The government must honour its 2015 manifesto pledge:

“Under a future Conservative Government the amount of money following your child in to school will be protected…there will be a real-terms increase in the schools budget in the next Parliament

  • The Department for Education must find out - and then publish - a clear breakdown of what it costs to adequately fund each child in school (for each Key Stage) and convert this into a minimum school funding guarantee.
  • Any new formula will determine that schools in England are funded at different but adequate levels.
  •  The Department for Education must ensure that in times of austerity overall spending decisions and associated policy directives provide clear and established value for money.
  •   A new National Funding Formula should not be established in isolation from inflationary cost pressures.

Thank you for your attention and support

 Yours Sincerely

 Name of letter writer


 Parent of a pupil at North Walsham Junior and Infant Schools and constituent of North Walsham.