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Back to School!

The children start back to school on Wednesday 6th September 2017.

All year groups should arrive at school for the start of the school day- Juniors start at 8.35am and Infants at 8.45am- and the bell will ring to let you know school is beginning.

Children should then line up with their classes and the teachers will lead them into their classrooms. There is more detail on this below:

On the first day back at school (6th September) the children in Years 3-6 should go on to the Junior Playground and

Year 2s should go onto the infant playground and line up when the bell rings.

Year 1s should line up at the front of the school at 8.45am

Teachers will lead the children in, because many children will have forgotten where to go. Please make a note of your child’s new class before you arrive, so they join the correct line!

Junior bell will ring at 8.35am. At desks by 8.45am. Infant bell will ring at 8.45am. At desks by 8.55am. Please don’t be late!

On Thursday 7th Sept the back Junior doors will just be opened as usual for the children to enter straight in without their parents. (Times as above) 

Infants in Years 1 and Year 2 will continue to line up and be brought in by their teachers.

Parents do not need to come in to school with their children.